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Catherine, Sophrologist, Hypnotherapist
Suggests that you move to Le Temps des Hôtes for a session in Sophrology, Hypnosis or Access-bars:- Sophrology aims to work on anxiety-provoking situations.Faced with thèse situations, you will seek to transform the feelings harmful for you and for your health by finding the balance between your physical, your mental and your emotional.You will comme out of this session much more serene ..
- Hypnosis will seek poorly digested émotions at some point in your life and will help you move forward more calmly in your daily life.
- Access bars are an astonishing targeted relaxation that allows you to let go, let go of the mind and give back to the émotions not the energy of mental calculation but that of the body and awareness.
 By reservationPrice: 60 € (1H00 SESSION)Catherine CANTIN